160 Hours State-licensed Class A CDL Certificate Program

The 5-week, 160 Hour State-licensed Certificate Program is designed to train the absolute beginner to enter the transportation industry as an entry-level driver. This program provides the student with more than the required training necessary to fulfill a carrier prehire training requirement. This program provides one week of additional "hands-on" training when compared to the 160 hour program. This program is for the individual who has little or no experience driving a manual transmission and little or no experience backing. Mounting driving is a part of the program.

The program is follows the Professional Truck Driver Institute's (PTDI) curriculum standards. This training program includes a 4 week in-school training period and a road test in the fourth or fifth week. The program includes the required road test that the student must pass in order to obtain a Class A CDL (commercial drivers license). Classes start weekly. This program also includes the National Safety Council Defensive Driving Certification class and hazardous materials course work. 

This is the most affordable 160 Hour State-licensed Class A CDL course that offers pre-hires. This program is WIA certified and eligible. Tuition: $2,999